When working with small wooden projects or crafts, one of the hardest parts of completing your project is the final sanding. Getting into those nooks and crannies with regular sandpaper is not exactly easy. The Sanding Detailer is a stick sander that uses replaceable belts and is small enough to fit where other sanders can't.

sanding detailer

About Lumberton Industries

Lumberton Industries was founded in 1990 by Randy Virost and one of his Fraternity brothers from college. Short on cash, Lumberton was funded by maxing out three credit cards and set up shop in the Virost family rented house. 

With inventory in the garage and a spare bedroom converted into an office they hit the ground running. They began sending out samples of their Sanding Detailer to anyone and everyone they could. Eventually, the Sanding Detailer was picked up by a few big names in the industrial supply market and their tool became essential for Tool and Die Machine Shops around the country. 

30 years later, the Sanding Detailer is sold all over the world to international jewelry artisans, woodworkers, DIYer's, hobbyists and more. We're always discovering new uses for our famous Sanding Detailer Tools and Kits!

Lumberton is run by Randy, his wife Pat, their two children Kelly and Drew and their spouses, a true family run business if ever there was one.